Disappointed with your shopping experiences because nothing you try-on fits your body shape or size? You are not alone. Approximately half of the American women have body shapes and sizes that are not represented by the ready-to-wear industry.  There is a new wave of designers focusing on the larger sizes which is great, but it still does not address the shape problem.

I have one of those body shapes that is not included in the ready-to-wear mix. After struggling for many years with finding exercise clothing that I found comfortable wearing, I decided to make my own.  Thus, CA Fitness Apparel was born.

The first collection is a skirt to be worn over compression shorts, capris or leggings. Additional pieces will be introduced. All garments come with three pockets so that we can leave the house with the phone, keys, ID, etc.

The garments are made in Central N.Y. by me.  As the business grows, I will offer employment that pays living wages, and I will share 5% of the profits with organizations that focus on economic self-sufficiency for women and girls.

Experience the perfect FIT for the unique YOU!


Made in the U.S.A.