Why is it so difficult to find the right fit in ready-to-wear garments?

Have you ever had a shopping experience where you are ready to buy a new fitness outfit, you visit your local retailer(s), try on several garments that you think will fit your body size and shape, and walk out of the dressing room disappointed with the fit?

The online shopping experience is not much different. After finding the style you think will fit your body type, you place an order and wait a few days or a week for it to arrive. Excited, you try it on and voilà … it does not fit. Now you must return one or several garments, and most likely you will pay shipping fees.

Unfortunately, this shopping experience is a reality for many of us. Yes, we know we are not model-thin. No, we do not starve ourselves. Yes, we do exercise for fitness and health.

The genetic profile is different for all of us. We are tall, short or average height. Our body symmetry is specific to each one us; no one is alike. The industry tries to accommodate the various heights with the petite, misses, and tall, which helps some. However, it does little to support our unique body shapes.

I decided that it's time we have choices and fit. I am introducing a made-to-measure fitness apparel line with the objective of offering garments that “fit” our unique body shapes. The first item in the Skirt Collection is the block  Fitness Skirt. This skirt consists of color blocking panels. The fabric is a comfortable medium-weight 4-way stretch (10% spandex/ 90% polyester) easy-care fabric (wash in cold water and tumble dry low).

We adjust the Mont Blanc pattern to each customer's measurements. Our 2017 Skirt Collection will have additional styles.

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