Why create another fitness apparel label in an already crowded space?

I know … most people either say it or think it … why introduce another fitness apparel line in an already crowded market? This same line of thinking led me to hesitate with the product introduction.

I decided to pursue this vision because I continued to have the same fit problems I always had regardless of size or weight. I won’t bore you with all of the details of how ready-to-wear garments do not fit me, but I decided it was time to take action. Four-way stretch fabric is “suppose” to be forgiving, but when it is not cut and sewn to represent your body shape, the “forgiving” fabric just doesn’t work.

At the onset, I just wanted shorts that fit my hips and had more than 4” inseam. Unfortunately, these two components didn’t exist. I then decided that maybe a skirt is the way to go … find a compression short and then wear something over it. Again, not very successful, stylish skirts exist, but most are too short for my liking. Then, I had to deal with the fit of the compression shorts. To date, I still don’t have a favorite compression short, and I probably own a dozen. Now that I am learning pattern making, I will be testing a custom fit for these.

I then realized that if I am not out for a long run, I should be able to walk out of the house and carry all of the essentials (lip balm, sunglasses, tissues, keys, phone) without having to put on a waist pack.   I must give credit where credit is due … my favorite waist pack is the Amphipod AirFlow Lite Waistpack. Large enough for a small smartphone and keys but not large enough to carry everything. Thus the 3-pocket design was created - one pocket for phone, another for gels, tissues, sunglasses, etc., and yet another for keys, cash, and credit card.

After several prototypes, the Fitness Skirt was born (future blog on why the name). I now have a fitness skirt that not only provides the style and comfort I was looking for, but it also allows me to leave the waist pack at home. I wear the skirt over compression shorts, capris or leggings.

Give the skirt a try … I hope you find the skirts a nice addition to your collection of exercise clothes.

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